dna extraction

June Eva Paciga jpaciga at com1.med.usf.edu
Tue Apr 15 14:32:07 EST 1997

steven mcfarlane wrote:
> does anyone have a protocol for extracting dna from tissue embedded
> parafin sections.
> if so, could you please e-mail me a copy.
> many thanks, steven


I used the Puregene DNA isolation kit from Gentra to isolate DNA from
tissue embedded in paraffin.  They might send you their protocol, call
them at 800-866-3039. Although I could not spectrophotometrically
quantitate the amount of DNA I recovered from approx. 60 mg of tissue +
paraffin, I was able to estimate the amount using Invitrogen's DNA
DipStick in order to use in PCR quite successfully.

Hope this helps!

June Eva Paciga
University of South Florida
Department of Pathology
Tampa FL

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