Isolation of low copy plasmid

Dr. Duncan Clark duncan at
Tue Apr 15 03:50:46 EST 1997

In article <Pine.A41.3.96.970409141335.110978A-100000 at asterix.uni->, Andreas Vogel <vogela at> writes
>Hello all,
>does anyone have experience to increase the yield of a miniprep from a low
>copy plasmid (pET from Novagen, a pBR322 derivat) habouring E. coli
>DH5alpha? Collecting multiple lysates on one spin column (Invotrogen`s SNAP)
>yielded only poor quality DNA. Does Chloramphenicol-amplification works with
>this vector?

Chloramphenicol will work or spectinomycin (50ug/ml final). It's not
really a low copy number plasmid. Now if you are talking pSC101 or
similar derivatives then that can be problem! We are all spoilt with pUC
copy levels.

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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