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I noticed a BIG difference when we upgraded our BioRad (actually, the old
one died).  The main advantage seems to be that you gan increase the
capacitance to 1070 microfaradays instead of only 970.  This results in an
optomized 40% efficiency for COS, for example, compared to only a few
percent transfected at 970 (titrating in various voltages at eachsetting,
of course).


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On 15 Apr 1997, Thierry Giffon wrote:

> My lab is in the market for a multi-purpose electroporator.  We would like
> to electroporate mammalian cells as well as yeast and bacteria.  The
> Bio-Rad gene pulser, although a very good product , is priced a wee bit too
> high for our budget.   The Invitrogen product is more reasonably priced,
> but we are wondering if anyone has purchased this deivce and could
> recommend it.  Also, if anyone could direct us to electroporators from
> other companies that perform well and are reasonably priced.  Please reply
> to the following e-mail address and/or post to the newsgroup.  Thanks.
> crt3q at
> Charles Toth, Ph.D.
> Department of Microbiology

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