Help! PE/ABI Linkage Mapping Set

Jeff A. Harford jharfordlab at
Wed Apr 16 18:10:08 EST 1997

We are evaluating the use of the PE/ABI Linkage mapping set.  However, we
are unable to talk to anybody that is using it.  If you are using it,
could you help us out in some questions?  1)  How much are these kits,
and how many genotypes can we get from a single kit?  2)  Does this kit
work reliably, or would it be better to use the fluorescent kits from
Research Genetics?  3)  Do the primer sets come in individual tubes, or
if we have to rerun some failed samples, will we have to run a multiplex
in order to just re-type one loci?  4)  How many primer sets are in
Chromosomes 1 and 2?  5)  Can we do a multiplex of  the FAM, HEX and TET
dyes, or do we have to PCR them separately and then pool them together. 
6)  Is the TAQ and PCR components included when you order the kit?  7) 
How many dinucleotide repeats are in the kit?  8)  What is the average
number of loci that will be run per lane when using this kit?  9) 
Finally, what are your thoughts about the kit - have you had any problems
with certain primer sets not working, and what is the failure rate.  

We want to be able to use a kit that is reliable, and it seems that the
kit may be optimized more for the ABI 377, and therefore be the best
choice.  But it may also be very expensive, and so it may be best to use
the RG primer sets.  Thanks for all your help!  

Jeff Harford
jharfordlab at

Please send to my email, as I do not subscribe to the newsgroup yet.  

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