Pharmacia PhastGel Loading

D. KIM dkim at
Tue Apr 15 15:56:59 EST 1997

Well, I recently asked the group if anyone knew how a Pharmacia Phast Gel
system loads its samples.  I then called Pharmacia's Tech support, and
they confirmed my guess that the samples diffuse into the matrix off of
the little loading "comb" they use.  This seems quite remarkable, but they
say it is true.

Does this mean that large proteins are under-loaded compared with small
proteins?  Perhaps the short distance of travel (from comb into the gel)
is such that all components of the sample are entering the gel at about
the same rate (That's a guess).

So, could a sequencing gel system be produced using such a gel apparatus?
Loading samples onto a well-less thin gel sounds kind of appealing.  Could
an "open face" gel be scaled up to the sizes used in sequencing?

Look, if I can't indulge in a flight of fancy here, then where's the fun
of it?

Daniel Kim
dkim at

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