Great EscAPe SEAP reporter system

Phillip Thompson thompsop at
Thu Apr 17 17:46:40 EST 1997

Hello Ramon,

Yes, I used Clontech's SEAP system for awhile last year in an effort to
characterise mutated LTR'S from HIV-1.  Unfortunately I had to abandon
the system because some of my HIV LTR's seemed to be creating an
instabity in the SEAP vector leading to deletion of the SEAP gene +
surrounding region.

I experienced a further problem with significant variation among some
of my assay duplicates.  To be honest, I am not certain the assay
method itself was at fault, but may have been due to the luminometer I
was using.  

Having said this, the assay itself is very easy to perform & is quick. 
It is easily adapted to microtitre plate format if you are dealing with
many samples.

To summarise, yes, the SEAP reporter system certainly works.  I
understand that Clontech has recently released a new version of the
kit.  It may overcome some of the problems I experienced with it last

I hope this helps - please contact me if you require any further info.



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