oxid'n/red'n indicator strips (how to make)

Christopher D. Skory SKORYCD at NCAUR1.NCAUR.GOV
Fri Apr 18 10:14:43 EST 1997

Does anybody know how to make the little oxidation / reduction indicator
strips that go inside gas pack jars for anaerobic growth of bacteria? 
They are made with methylene blue and will become colorless in an
anaerobic environment of CO2 and hydrogen (pallidium catalyst is also
present) .  Unfortunately, soaking filter paper in a 1% M.B. solution 
doesn't seem to work.  What am I missing and why is this not working?  


Chris Skory
Fermentation Biochemistry Research
National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
U.S.D.A.  Agricultural Research Service
Peoria, Illinois      E-mail: skorycd at ncaur.usda.gov

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