GFP and immunofluorescence

Oki Schatz schatz at
Fri Apr 18 07:07:36 EST 1997

Stephan Geley wrote:
> I am using GFP as cotransfection marker in transient transfection assays
> which gives me a bright signal in live cells. However, when I try to fix
> cells for immunostaining I always loose the GFP signal. So far I've used
> Methnanol or Methanol/Acetone or Paraformaldehyd followed by .1% TX100
> without any success. Can anyone out there in the cybercommunity give me
> some advice?
> Thanks anyway,
> Stephan

GFP should be stable to fixation with glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde but
may be very sensitive to some nail polishes often used to seal
coverslips. If this is the case use molten agarose or rubber cement to

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