Removing salt from DNA prep

Rafael Maldonado rafael at
Fri Apr 18 14:51:44 EST 1997

>wise at wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm doing a DNA prep from sediment from a stream and overall it is working
>well except that the obtained pellet contains large amounts of salt.  I
>was wondering if anyone has any ideas about the best ways to remove salt
>from DNA in solution.  I've tried washing the pellet with 70% ethanol at
>room temp. but it doesn't seem to help too much.  thanks in advance!


Centricon o Microcon membranes is what you need. They are filters mounted 
in tubes you can spin in centrifuges (centricon in a big centrifuge, 
Microcon in a microfuge). If you choose the right pore size, your DNA 
will be retained in the filter receptacle and your salt washed away.

Not relation with Amicon, etc.


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