Exposing Autorads

Neil Winegarden nwinegar.ns at credit.erin.utoronto.ca
Sat Apr 19 10:01:36 EST 1997

Mike Allen wrote:
> Hello netters
> Is it necessary to expose P32 autorads at -80 degrees?
> The space in our -80 freezer is limited, and I was wondering if it would
> suffice to expose at -20 or RT.
> Thanks in advance
> Mike
The only real reason that I know of for exposing p32 autorads at -80 is
if you are using an intensifying screen.  The intensifying screen will
not work until it gets below -70 C.  When I have a gel to expose and
don't require (or don't have access to a screen) I just expose at room
temperature and there is no problem.  If your gel is not fully dried
down  however you may want to expose at -20 to prevent it from cracking.


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