C4 or C8 instead of C18 Reverse Phase HPLC in protein purification?

Lesley Woodhouse glyph at csolve.net
Sat Apr 19 19:02:24 EST 1997

Gel permeation chromatography can separate compounds based on moleclar
weight using HPLC.  This is a common way to separate proteins

glyph at csolve.net

newera at plaza.snu.ac.kr wrote in article <5j80aj$i24$2 at snunews.snu.ac.kr>...
> I am trying to purify a small protein(mw 6500) using 18C reverse phase
HPLC but I have failed until now because twe peaks are almost superimposed.
Various gradient programs do not work. 
> Is there any chance that C4 or C8 could separate them?
> Thanks.
> Lee, Ji Hyun
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