Exposing Autorads

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Sat Apr 19 11:18:19 EST 1997

>Hello netters
>Is it necessary to expose P32 autorads at -80 degrees?
>The space in our -80 freezer is limited, and I was wondering if it would
>suffice to expose at -20 or RT.
>Thanks in advance

Are you using a fluorographic screen? If so, the colder the better. If you
just can't find room at -80, use two screens to capture backscattering rays
and preflash your film. Additionally, you may want to check out Kodak's
BioMax film (no affiliation), which is slightly less sensitive to 32P signal,
but in our hands has far lower background from similar exposures. This increased
S:N more than compensates for reduced sensitivity, giving really sensitive
results. I haven't used tried this film with an intensifying screen, since
it didn't work well for chemiluminescent light detection however. Best of

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