Background problems with Ni-NTA HRP conjugate

Thomas R. Anderson babco at
Tue Apr 22 00:22:24 EST 1997

In <335B945B.19E5 at> reddypvr at BU.EDU (padma reddy) writes: 
>Hi. I am using the Ni_NTA HRP conjugate (from Quiagen) to screen cell 
>lines for the expression of his tagged proteins. I am getting a lot of
>background in both 3% milk-PBS-Tween and 3% BSA in PBS-Tween when used
>as a blocking agent. The Ni-NTA HRP conjugate is  diluted in PBS-Tween
>without milk/BSA as recommended. Any suggestions?

One alternative would be to use an antibody against polyhistidine to
detect the tagged protein.  Several are available.  If you would like
information about hours, please let me know.

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