Zetapor filter membranes needed

Sarah Butcher sbutcher at worf.molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 06:15:58 EST 1997

Hi All

I am DESPERATELY seeking a source of Zetapor 1MDS 90mm filter discs -
made by CUNO Inc.
I have been buying them from CUNO's branch in the UK but they have just 
put a 4-6 week delay on the next order and I am desperate for some for an
ongoing project. Can anyone suggest an alternate source or lend me some
that I can replace when my order comes through...
many thanks
Dr Sarah Butcher	sbutcher at worf.molbiol.oc.ac.uk
NERC IVEM		living in interesting times.... 
Oxford			(01865 512 361)

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