Mouse pedigree tracking software source?

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> Is there good software (Windows or mac) for trackng transgenic mice
> (matings, husbandry, etc.?).  E-mail replies to
> belmontj at Thanks
> :-Peter  

Dear Peter,
probably thats not what you would like to buy but anyway:
At the Basel Institute for Immunology they have a very nice
custom made program based on some software called 4th dimension.
The program allows the animal care takers to fill in how many
pubs are born per week, later weaned and so on. The program
keeps track of the individual breedings in terms of litters.
Weekly there can be obtained an outprint to see what was going
However: The price of it might be prohibitive; I heard once rumors
of about 50.000 SFr but one would need to get this confirmed.
Also, it does not allow in its present way of setup to draw
any kind of tree how mice were bred. But that one can still do

If still interested I will give you the E_mail adress of the
system administrator over there.



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