Q: Is there a copyright on danger symbols?

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at med.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Apr 23 09:11:40 EST 1997

Dear Brett, dear all here:

OOps, maybe I forgot to add something. Neither I want to spam my own 
or other web pages now with danger syms nor do I want to print them 
on shirts or place them on traffic signs. No, everyone in the world, 
don't do THAT. 

My aim is another: I simply found it convenient to construct labels 
for flasks with my word processor using the scanned images. I do this 
because sometimes I want detailed hints on dangers and 
recommendations for the use of chemicals directly on the flasks, 
since there's a lot of space on them. That's for those people being 
not familiar with the stuff but using it. Actually, they shouldn't 
exist, but they DO.

I wanted to place those files in my local web here and I'm not sure 
if I can't prevent access from outside. And if the they escape from 
here, who knows...


Brett Lindenbach wrote:
> I doubt they're copyrighted. However, I caution the rampant overuse
> of these things. Do Germans teach their children about "the little
> boy who cried wolf"? Seems to me misapplication of these defeats the
> purpose of having them. Also, I imagine your safety officer may
> complain if danger symbols end up on everything in sight. It would
> be cool, though, to have a biohazard t-shirt. Too bad some rock band
> has already ripped this off.
> Brett Lindenbach
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