Q: Is there a copyright on danger symbols?

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Apr 23 08:39:13 EST 1997

>Hi all, 
>Another weired question!
>May I make scanned danger symbols (from a catalog) make publically 
>accessible  / available?
>Any opinions, ideas, lawsuits?
>Happy discussing!

I doubt they're copyrighted. However, I caution the rampant overuse of these
things. Do Germans teach their children about "the little boy who cried
wolf"? Seems to me misapplication of these defeats the purpose of having them.
Also, I imagine your safety officer may complain if danger symbols end up on
everything in sight. It would be cool, though, to have a biohazard t-shirt.
Too bad some rock band has already ripped this off.

Brett Lindenbach
Program in Immunology                              
Washington University - St Louis                  
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