Anyone using Peptide Nucleic Acids?

Carl Hoeger carl_hoeger at
Wed Apr 23 13:47:12 EST 1997

If you are working with PNA's I have a question for you.  I am just starting
to be involved in a PNA project and as such I have to learn about how to do
the gel retardation assay that is carried out in this field.  Specifically,
my questions are as follows:
1. What is the best electrophoretic system (in your hands) for doing these
gel retardation assays?
2. Do you have a protocol that you would be willing to share regarding the
complexing of PNA to DNA (for example, a PNA-C10 to a dG10) and the
subsequent electrophoresis?
3. Detection methods-do you have any other than radioactive ones?

Thanks in advance!

Carl Hoeger
The Salk Institute
<hoeger at>

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