DNA in a cell.

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> Hello, 
> What is the quantity of genomic DNA in a human or mouse diploid cell;
> Thanks for your answer.
> CF

That´s easy to calculate....
Let´s see:
human genome is 3x10´9 base pairs * 2 for diploid= 6x10´9 bp
1 bp has a mass of approx. 660Da, so the genome is 6x10´9 * 660= 3.96x10´12Da
1 Dalton is 1.6735x10´-27kg or 1.6735x10´-15ng
So the genome is 3.96x10´12 * 1.6735x10´-15ng= 6.627x10´-3ng

In other words, a single human cell has approx. 6.6x10-3ng DNA, or 
1 million cells have 6.6micrograms of DNA

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