Phage Display Antibody Problems

Andrew Wallace a.wallace at
Thu Apr 24 04:06:31 EST 1997

Rolf de Groot wrote:
> Hi
> I have a few questions for anybody familiar with the phage display
> system, or more precisely with trying use phage produced antibodies in
> standard lab techniques.
> We have identified a novel antigen using a phage derived antibody using
> FACS. We would like to identify the protein by western blotting or
> immunoprecipitation using the phage antibody and have had little success
> so far.
> Does anyone have any experience in utilising phage-derived antibodies in
> these standard lab techniques? Maybe there's a FAQ floating around
> somewhere? Please could you mail any suggestions or advice towards
> solving this problem.
> Many thanks
> Paul Coffer
> P.Coffer at

Somewhere down the road from you in Maastricht you have some of the
world's leading experts on Phage Antibody display, Hennie Hoogenboom
(hho at and Simon Hufton (shu at, whom you might try
approaching. There is also the combinatorial libraries newsgroup
bionet.molecules.repertoires where you might try posting questions. What
kind of antibody did you select, was it an scFv or a Fab fragment? How
are you trying to detect the selected antibody? Is it Myc- or

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