PCR product cloning

Rubin Eitan bcrubin at dapsas1.weizmann.ac.il
Thu Apr 24 13:11:04 EST 1997

In our lab, pGEM seems to be the current fashion.
  Eitan Rubin.

Baylor Molecular Genetics Lab (Steven_Burghart at baylor.edu) wrote:

: Hi Connie,
: I am personally recommend you TA Invitrogen kit.
: Very reliable and simple. So, I am voting for TA kit.
: Yerlan
: In article <c-runyan-2104971438560001 at pc91.pediatrics.nwu.edu>,
: c-runyan at nwu.edu (Connie Runyan) wrote:

: > I am trying to clone PCR products using blunt end ligation with the
: > PCRScript kit from Stratagene.  This kit uses blue/white sceening for
: > insert positives, but I have not had a lot of luck with this kit.  I am
: > getting a lot of false positives in the few colonies that grow in the
: > first place.
: > 
: > I am interested in trying a different kit, and I would like to know if
: > anyone has had success with any of the other kits out there.  I appreciate
: > any advice.
: > 
: > Thanks, Connie

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