Agarose gel problem

gc genecutl at
Thu Apr 24 21:30:14 EST 1997

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* > Greetings,
* > I have encountered an odd problem, when loading an agarose gel,
* > occasionally the sample rushes out of the well. It doesn't seem to matter
* > that I am running plasmid DNA, or genomic (cut). The gels are in 1X TBE
* > with EtBr, we use a standard loading buffer (6X glycerol, from Maniatis),
* > the samples are usually in TE. Has anyone else run into this problem, how
* > did you fix it?
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* > Thanks in advance,
* > John

   One way to fix this is to add just enough running buffer so that it does
   not cover the gel and fill the wells.  Load the gel and get it running.
   Then if you want, once the sample has run into the gel, you can add more
   buffer.  This makes loading gels easier.  You don't have to worry about
   residual alcohol and if you some of the sample misses the well, you can
   just pipet it back up.

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