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Thu Apr 24 12:43:39 EST 1997

Jared Head (bijgh at wrote:

: Furhter to the sensible sounding advice of using a simple Ammonium
: Sulphate precipiation in conjunction with a nickel column His.Tag
: purification, can anybody give me advice on how to set yourself up for
: such a step.  What's the easiest and most systematic way of determining
: what percentages of Ammonium Sulphate are needed for a particular protein; 
: come to think of it, how exactly do you do the precipitation?  Is it best
: before or after the nickel column?

: Thanks in advance,

: Jared

Dear Jared:

You have to titrate with different amount of Ammonium sulphate to determine.
Probably start from 10%, 20% 30%..... and test which % gives you the best

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