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> Dear netter. I am searching for immortal primary myoblast cell line. The
> available cell lines (L6, C2, C2C12) are not very useful for my research
> because they do not express certain proteins that I am interested in. If
> you or a colleague of yours knows anything about this topic I greately
> appreciate your help.

Just an anal technical note: primary cells are by definition NOT immortal,
but may become immortal by various methods: oncogene transfection, DNA
tumor virus infection, random mutagenesis, etc. However, many
immortalizing agents affect the differentiation status of the cells they
immortalize, either positively or negatively (usually the latter), and
thus many cell LINES (i.e., immortal cells) have lost expression of some
genes specific to differentiated cell types. Check the ATCC catalogue for
details on the cell lines they have available, many are well characterized
in terms of specific marker expression, etc. 

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