Overhang A of PCR

s.pritchard mmd280 at sysc.abdn.ac.uk
Mon Apr 28 10:05:54 EST 1997

ma (ddsyr at NS.EAST.CN.NET) wrote:
: Dear netters
:  Are proofread Taq enzymes like pfu and vent also add A in the pcr product end like
:  usually Taq? I concern this because I want ligate the pcr products by T-vector. Thanks
:  for your seggestion.
:  ma


I read somewhere (cant remember where/when) that these enzymes dont add only
A's but can add any of the 4 bases and that the preceeding base tends to
determine what is added.
The article also commented on the different enzymes and what each one did

Sorry I cant remember where/when I read this but If Iremember I will post it.

Stuart Pritchard

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