Subject: Commercially available PCR primers

Joan Boyce jboyce at BIOSUPPLYNET.COM
Fri Aug 1 21:23:33 EST 1997

Subject: Commercially available PCR primers

Date: 1 Jul 1997 12:29:09 -0700


>I'm looking for companies that sell readymade PCR primers, especially
>for mitochondrial cytochrome b gene targets. I searched the archive for
>this list and didn't have any luck. I've also contacted several
>companies such as Stratagene, Life Technologies, Invitrogen, Clontech,
>etc. with no results. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your response
>to my e-mail address.

try (it's an electronic yellow pages for 
scientists) and search for "primer sets" and up will come a list of 
companies that sell primer sets for PCR.

Hope it helps with your search!

Joan Bocye

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