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> This is my second attempt in two days in posting my problem
> to this forum: I am facing a problem with 25% polyacrylamide
> urea gel : After electrophoresis, the gel refuses to stick to
> Whatmann 3MM paper. It folds or breaks. It comes off the glass
> plate only when washed with MeOH-AcOH solution, but doesn't
> come onto the paper. I do not have problems with lower percen-
> tage gels (8%) of this sort. I haven't handled this high % gel
> before. Seek help and advice from workers experienced in this.
> pradeep at
> July 28, 1997

This is common with high percentage gels -- the more concentrated 
the acrylamide, the less sticky the gel.  If your purpose is to dry 
the gel, you could try taking it up on a sheet of wet porous 

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