Does anyone want a Pharmacia oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Dr. Michael T. MacDonell sendero at
Fri Aug 1 18:32:25 EST 1997

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	John Richard Seavitt <jrseavit at> wrote:
>On 1 Aug 1997, Alex Dobrovic wrote:
>> Is there anyone that can use an old Pharmacia oligonucleotide Synthesizer.
>> We find it cheaper to buy our oligos these days so any serious suggestions
>> on what we can do with the synthesiser are welcome. It looks quite nice but
>> our bench space is at a premium.
>> Alexander Dobrovic, Ph. D.
>I know there are some oligo synthesizer companies that will give credit
>for their oligos in exchange for your old synthesizer.  Rather amusing
>marketing strategy; too bad I didn't think of it.  Ask around;  one
>company gave $2500 in oligos (about 120 sequencing oligo's worth) in
>exchange for a ABI 291 PCR-MATE.
>John Seavitt

Dear John:

I fail to see any marketing strategy in it at all. I may be missing 
something, however. Seems pretty straightforward. Folks with 
synthesizers find that oligos are cheaper to buy than to make. Folks
that make oligos find that buying synthesizers with the oligos they
make is cheaper than buying them with dollars. The folks with the
synthesizers wrapped in plastic on their lab bench, COULD spend 
hard-to-come-by research funds on the oligos, but find it more 
efficacious to free up the lab bench and make a trade. 

By the way, the company I work for also trades oligos for synthesizers,
but we offers a heck of a lot better deal than you mentioned. 
Unfortunately, we would not be interested in either a PCR-MATE or
a Pharmacia Gene Assembler.  Now, if anyone can come up with a
(now obsolete) Cruachem PS250, the current trade is $5000 worth
of oligos.

I still have the feeling that John is seeing a light that I'm not,
however. Have I missed something?

Best Regards!

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