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: christoph.kruell at (Christoph Krüll) wrote:
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: >I Made this experience, too. Even double digested Vectors with non
: >compatible ends religated. I investigated this further, the vectors
: >religated as head to head dimers. So, even with blue white screening
: >they led to false results, because this head to head dimers resulted in
: >white colonies, of course.

There is a wealth of published data saying you can't have head-to-head
plasmid dimers because large inverted repeats are inviable in E. coli. 
Perhaps you mean head-to-tail dimers, or some rearranged construct.

: Can you have two or more origins of replication on a single plasmid
: and have it successfully replicate in a bacterium?
: -ER

Yes.  It is well documented.  Normally the copy number is that of the
highest copy number origin, and the other origins are switched off.

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