Rhodamine sequencing for ABI

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> there's something to really complain about in ABI sequencers!), does it

I have yet to get one single gel that has been properly tracked by the

BTW Can you guys tell me a little bit about this Rhodamine Kit.  I have
been trying to enquire from the local PE/ABI agent in Pakistan but they
are really pathetic and have not given me any details.	Until now I have
been using the FS dye terminator kit on the ABI 377.  Is the new kit you
all are talking about the "Big dye" kit that ABI is marketing? And do
they have label in the Dideoxy terminators?  The primers that I am using
are unlabeled so I want the label to be in the terminators, does ABI
market any such kit with the Rhodamine dyes?  If so please let me know
the Cat Number and the Price of this kit so that I can tell the local
agent to get that for me.  I am about to place an order and will really
appreciate it if anyone can email me the details that I need.  Thanking
you all in advance.

BTW does any one have any experience in GeneScan analysis also?  I am
facing a few problems in correctly sizing the fragments using the
Research Genetics Weber Screening set Ver. 6.0.  I will really appreciate
it if anyone can guide me in this.

Raheel Qamar

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