different seq depending on strand? help

DAB dboyd at cc.umanitoba.ca
Fri Aug 1 13:40:08 EST 1997

To all sequencing gurus;

I have been sequencing from two differnt clones whose inserts overlap. The
two different clones are subclones from the same original clone. Primers
are the universal T3 and T7 primers, sequencing kit is Sequenase 2.0, and
I use the Mytelka and Chamberlin modification with betaine in the
termination mixes. The sequence obtained is of excellent quality.

On one clone I get the following sequence; .....ttgCCgtt......aacGGacg...

With the other clone the sequence of the same region but on the other
strand is; ....aacGcaa.......ttgCCCtga...

What gives?


Dave Boyd
dboyd at cc.umanitoba.ca

hey hey hey it was the DNA
hey hey hey that made me this way

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