Colony Screening.

Biochemistry David.P.Tilley at
Fri Aug 1 09:56:22 EST 1997


I am presently trying to set up a PCR colony screen using a PBA colony
picker. I am doing a double inoculation into first an agar plate and then
into PCR mix. The colonies all appear to be picked well and grow up. The
PCR works but there is enough cross-contamination to make the PCR messy. I
have tried wash-steps of the picking pins , firstly in a sonicating bath of
70% ethanol for 15s and then into a bath of 70% ethanol for 5s and then
over the heater for 5s. 

Has anyone tried using a robot for colony screening?

Could anyone let me know a wash protocol which removes all the

Thanks in advance

Dave Tilley
Astra Charnwood

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