Rhodamine sequencing for ABI

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> soon.  I do not have pricing information.  I suggest you visit their web
> site which I believe is http://www.perkin-elmer.com.  ABI also has an

Thanks I will visit their site as soon as I am off from here.

> 800 number for tech support and it is staffed by pretty knowledgable

Unfortunately I can not dial 800 number from Pakistan, but I will try to
get their email address and query them via email.

> folks.  You can call them with your Gene scan questions (or to add your
> voice to the many other complaints about the damned lane tracking!).

I just do not understand why they could not have written a software that
does not have this bug in it ;-)

> Good luck.  -- D.G. Spinella


Raheel Qamar

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