NP-40 replacement?

Rick Bright rbright at
Sat Aug 2 12:13:56 EST 1997

I have used the IGEPAL- CA630 successfully.  I have noticed no
difference at all from the NP40.  I use it for extraction of genomic DNA
from whole blood.

David L. Haviland, Ph.D. wrote:

> At 13:08 8/1/97 GMT, John S. Walker wrote:
> >G'day
> >
> >I'm in a physiology lab that does some 2D-PAGE. Our IEF recipe calls
> for
> >NP-40 but our supplier recently told us that this is no longer
> >available.  Is this true or is it our supplier is no longer carrying
> it?
> >IF it is true, can anybody suggest a good replacement?
> John:
> This is true, and sadly so.  However, in lieu of NP40, Sigma
> recommends the
> use of Igepal CA-630, it is chemically (according to Sigma)
> indistinguishiable from NP40.  Apparently, NP40 is no longer made.
> I've
> not tried Igepal.
> I've been doing immunoprecipitations  for many years and have done
> IEFs as
> well.  Last I recall, there is not a major chemical difference between
> NP40
> and TX100 and for doing membrane extractions and IP, they are
> operationally
> interchangable.  I'm sure I'll get an argument, but in all my years of
> dealing with NP40 vs TX100, I firmly believe you could make the
> substitution without seeing a difference in your experiment.  I'm sure
> there are some applications where the substitution couldn't be made
> but
> membrane extracionts isn't one of them.
> Hope this helps,
> David
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