Formaldehyde bomb

RManns7 rmanns7 at
Sat Aug 2 04:42:24 EST 1997

I do not know where you can buy such a bomb, however if you can find an
old Bakelite switch, plug or any other Bakelite  item . This can be
smashed into powder and then
burned in a small metal container.
 CAUTION it stinks to high heaven, it has been used to get rid of
contaminates and also flies mosquitos, ants etc. Baekelite is  Phenol
Formaldehyde  its sister materials are
Melamine F....., Urea Form..........

Careful and goodluck.

Roy Manns 
Have fun in whatever you do. It will make you healthier, wealthier and wiser !!! Try it

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