Does anyone want a Pharmacia oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Dennis Templeton djt2 at
Mon Aug 4 09:39:13 EST 1997

> On 1 Aug 1997, Alex Dobrovic wrote:
> > Is there anyone that can use an old Pharmacia oligonucleotide Synthesizer.
> > We find it cheaper to buy our oligos these days so any serious suggestions
> > on what we can do with the synthesiser are welcome. It looks quite nice but
> > our bench space is at a premium.
> > 

We have one of these and still use it, though it takes some work to keep
the price down below commercial services;

We pack our own columns and make our own reagents up (we buy the amidites
and tetrazole from cruachem). Over the last two years (400 oligos) the
price has averaged $0.50 per residue. There is significant work involved
though. Overall, I'd not buy a new one.

On the other hand, I spent $1200 to fix the thing just last year (a power
surge blew the controller board; it was covered by insurance). If yours
was available for parts, labs like mine would be interested.


Dennis Templeton
Institute of Pathology
CWRU School of Medicine
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