Source for anti-GST antibodies?

Dennis Templeton djt2 at
Sun Aug 3 11:13:04 EST 1997

>of a commercial supplier of polyclonal anti-Glutathione-S-Transferase
>antibodies? It seems like these should be widely available, and 

We have used some anti-GST antibodies from The Antibody Cooperative for
western blots of bacterially-expressed GST-fusion proteins, and also for
mammalian expression systems using the pEBG vector from Bruce Mayer
(Thanks again, Bruce!).

The polyclonal anti-GST is also good for immunoprecipitations, and we use
it for kinase assays of GST-fusion kinases; it seems to be a little
cleaner than using GSH-beads for these precipitations.

The Antibody coop has a web site <A Href="">;
there prices are pretty cheap compared to a couple of other sources I've

Good luck,


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Institute of Pathology
CWRU School of Medicine
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