Cerium oxide treatment of ABI gels

Max V Myakishev max at scientist.com
Tue Aug 5 11:20:11 EST 1997

There are two problems which I believe are caused by the fatty spots
on the ABI glass plates. The problems are: it becomes more difficult to
the gels, and 
the upper gel border moves up during pre-heating of the gel and fills
some of
the wells with the gel.
I have nice experience with polishing the glass plates with Cerium Oxide
(Acros organics 19912-5000 or Sigma C8877). I use Cerium oxide powder,
water and kimwipes to polish our P32 gel plates,
and this treatment removes all the fatty spots very well. 

Do you have experience with Cerium oxide polishing of the ABI plates?
What reagent do you use to remove fatty spots from the gel?
Have you meet such a problem that some wells on the ABI gel are filled
with the gel before you load the samples?

Thank you!

Max V Myakishev, Ph.D.
Email: max at scientist.com

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