Sub cloning

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at
Tue Aug 5 12:52:19 EST 1997

In article <5rso9l$98g_001 at>, BMBLDO at (L.D. Ofner) wrote:

Your control with vector - did you ligate it or just transformed the cells
with the prep? It might be cut but not dephosphorylated. I routinely use
Shrimp phosphatase right in the overnight digest -it's compatible with most
restriction buffers (as salty as H by Boehringer).
The idea about possible toxicity is interesting - does your expression
vector leak at non-inducing conditions? 
one thing that surprises me is that you get "loads" of colonies regardless
of the insert/vector ratio. This increases the probability that your vector
is not dephosphorylated properly.
Good luck,

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