information for BAX gene sequence

HZ Peng h.peng at
Tue Aug 5 11:02:19 EST 1997

Hi, there

I am studying bax gene somatic mutations in  lymphoma by PCR-SSCP and
sequencing using previously published primer sets (Cancer Gent Cytogenet
88:136,1996). So far I have managed to accumulate substantial sequencing
data for exons 2-6 and their respective flanking sequences. However I am
unable to achieve any exon I amplification and therefor feel it would be
preferable to design my own primers. Unfortunately I cannot find any
sequence information regarding BAX intron 1 in the EMBL or Genbank.  If
anybody has any information regarding the BAX exon I and intron 1 junction,
I would be most grateful if I could share this and in return I would
acknowledge your contribution in my papers. I would very much appreciate any
help that can be offered.

Thank you for your attention.

Huaizheng Peng
Senior Research Fellow
UCL Medical School
London WC1E 6JJ

email: rmkdhhp at

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