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>Hello all-
>        I was wondering in anyone has a protocol for doing a G-50 spun column
>using a microcentrifuge for seperating unicorporated from labled probe. 
>I have used the 1mL (tuberculin) syringe method, but I don't have access
>to a clinical centrifuge, but I do have access to an old
>microcentrifuge.  Any help that you can give me will be greatly
>appreciated, and you can either send it to my e-mail or to the news
>Thanks in advance.
>-Eric W. Olle

G-50 spin columns that fit in microfuges can be purchased from Pharmacia
(probably others as well but that's the one that leaps to mind first).  i
don't know if anyone makes empty unpacked columns for microfuges like the
ones that Bio-Rad makes for clinicals but in the past i've re-packed the
Centri-Sep columns from Princeton Separations with reasonably good

good luck,


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