His-tag purification

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at oncology.wisc.edu
Wed Aug 6 20:39:38 EST 1997

In article <33E11071.3874 at jcu.edu.au>, James, Cook, Universuty wrote:

> I'm soon to start trying to express my protein of interest using a
> His-tag expression system (PROEX HT from Life Technologies).  I am
> looking at buying more resin and columns for the purification.  Has
> anyone had experience with the various resins available and which are
> best?  I have come across ProBond Metal Binding Resin, Talon Metal
> Affinity Resin, His-Bind Resin and the Ni-NTA resin from Quiagen.  Any
> comments would be appreciated.

Talon works fine, and Qiagen is quite good too as long as you use batch for
binding and column for washing - for some reason itsa pain to bind as much
protein on the column.  Well, actually reason is quite obvious... Here in
the lab a lota folks are using Novagen stuff with degree of success
variable with the level of ineptness, and I heard that Pharmacia kit works
OK but never saw anybody actually trying it out. Finally, me wife, who
always right, saz that Qiagen is the best. There you go, sailor.

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