Liver DNA

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at
Wed Aug 6 20:31:32 EST 1997

In article <33E79F12.3D54 at>, Helene Bach
<hbach at> wrote:

> Does anyone how to isolate DNA from liver? (My preps have alot off 
> pigment).

What kinda liver you've got there, in bklyn? Get some fresh, for Christ
sake... Me personally isolated genomic DNA from mouse, deer and lark livers
(now why in hell they'd shoot a lark, and 27 of them to be precise?), using
what I considered to be a standart for DNA fingerprinting procedure
employing mild-SDS-protease K o/night treatment followed by the high
salt/chloroform extraction. This way the DNA was essentially colourless
with fresh pine smell, high molecular weight (>50 kb) and readily
digestable with nucleases of your choice.  On the other hand, one of them
"rapid" methods with guanidinium isothiocyanate and w/o any protease used
with on the deer liver resulted in falling out of some brown gunk that was
resuspended in water only after addition of protease. Remember, in the time
of technological adavances and PowerPC chips most of the things are still
best done overnight.

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