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Thu Aug 7 13:21:15 EST 1997

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jmejia at (Jose E. Mejia) writes:
> I need to purchase some plasmid drawing software for the Macintosh, 
> either as part of a package or as a stand-alone program. If you know 
> about one such program that you would recommend, then please drop me 
> a line. Thank you in advance! 

There are several commercial applications inc. DNA Star and MacVector and Gene 
Construction Kit but if you really just want a plasmid drawing program I'd 
recommend DNA Strider 1.2 written by Christian Marck (Service de Biochemie et 
Genetique Moleculaire, Bat. 142, Centre d'Etudes de Saclay, 91191, Gif-Sur-
Yvette, Cedex, France).  Its US$200 but well worth it in terms of speed, 
interface and capabilities.  It doesn't do stuff like contig assembly or 
sequence comparisons but for digests, maps, ORFs, etc its excellent.

Jim Woodgett

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