beta-mercaptoethanol and transfromation

David R. Johnson johnson at
Thu Aug 7 06:25:31 EST 1997

> > > Can I know the role of beta-mercatoethanol in trasformation of E.coli?

   (Yes Geetha, if I knew, I would certainly tell you the role...)
   According to GIBCO/BRL literature, transformation of DH5 cells is not increased by addition of 
beta-mercatoethanol, so any hypotheses about how it works could be formulated or tested with this in 
mind.  I second the recommendation of the Hanahan (the DH of DH5) paper on transformation techiques.   
   -Dave Johnson
> Hanahan, D. Studies on Transformation of Escherichia coli with Plasmids,
> J. Mol. Biol. 166 : 557-580 (1983)
> David F. Spencer

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