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> I have two question. First, can anyone tell me the relationship between 
> daltons and grams. Can one calculate one from the other?

1 mole (6 x 10E23 molecules) of a N daltons molecule weights N grams.

> Second, when coating a plastic microtiter plate with antibodies, will 
> only the Fc portion of the antibody bind to the plate, or only the F(ab) 
> portion, or all parts of the antibody equally? 

Coating is a non-specific adsortion to the plastic. So, parts of the Ab
binded to the plates are probably equally distributed on the surface of
the molecule.

>Illustrations from 
> companies, texts and review articles always show only the antibodies 
> bound by the Fc portion. But never mention if other portions of the 
> antibody can bind also.

It's probably shown that way because Ab are not directly coated to the
plate, but are binded to coated Protein G or Protein A.

Hope this helps 

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