MY PCR product

A Al-dukhyil MBQ96AA at
Fri Aug 8 11:42:11 EST 1997

Dear everybody,
I wonder if any one could find a suitable solution for a PCR product of 
2Kb gene I designed a SmaI site before 5'end of this PCR product and 
EcoRI before 3'end of it. Then I ligated this blunt end PCR 
product(because of using Vent Polymerase) in PBR322 plasmid at EcoRV site 
but when I tried to recover my PCR product by digestion with SmaI then 
EcoRI it wasn't cutted with SmaI!
Note : I have tested SmaI enzyme and it was alright.
Many thanks for your help

A. Al-Dukhyil
PhD student at University of Sheffield

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