Integrating Alignments (postscript) into Word

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Sat Aug 9 07:55:14 EST 1997

Hi experts!

Has anyone yet tried to integrate a box-shaded alignment into a word 

I processed a *.msf file with boxshade, resulting in a postscript 
file. Now I want to get this stuff into a word for windows document.
Since Word doesn't support *.ps input, I tried two different ways:

1) I used ghostscript to convert it into a 300*300 dpi *.gif file. I 
was able to import this into word, but the printout on a HPLJ4L was 
not satisfying. The letters were not very good reproduced.

2) I imported the *.ps into CorelDraw and pasted it then as Corel 
Draw Object into Winword. Now the 200k *.ps has ended up in a 1.6 Meg 
word document (for one half of a page!!), but the result is ok when 

Has anyone found another way to overcome this problem, esp. 
decrasing the *.doc file size (compressing is good for transport, 
but bad for handling, also the processing of the embedded corel draw 
data need lots of time even on a P120/32M machine)? I don't have 
access to a postscript-printer unfortunately. Will creating a word 
document for the alignment (and importing it at the time of printing 
into the central document) be the only solution? 

Any suggestions are welcome!

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