How to remove DNA from mRNA...???

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Sat Aug 9 12:20:21 EST 1997

lumdicks at wrote:

>> I'm about to use RT-PCR to demonstrate induction of an
>> operon. This puts me in a similar position of having to 
>> avoid amplification of DNA from the total RNA prep.
>> The route I'll be using is to treat the RNA prep with DNAse
>>prior to amplification. I've ordered some RNase-free DNAse 
>>to do it. I haven't tried this yet myself, but others in our
>>lab have used it successfully
>> on prokaryotic RNA preps.
>But how can I safely inactivate the DNase after the
>treatment?? Trace amount of it will certain ruin the
>whole experiment.

Hi, Dick;
You can inactivate DNasae by heat treatment (80 C-15min)
or by phenol treatment. The both are very basic mathods:-).

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