Choice of vector linearisation site for electroporation

Steven D. Creacy sdcreacy at
Sun Aug 10 12:25:56 EST 1997

Though you may have had success in the past, electroporation is not the
method of choice for transfection into mammalian cells.  You will have much
healthier cells resulting from a lipofectin transformation.  If you are not
familiar with this product, Life Technologies sells it as well as many
other Mol. Bio. vendors (even Invitrogen, I think)... just call around. 
Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Steve Creacy

Kevin Mulcahy <K.Mulcahy at> wrote in article
<33E9A516.744D at>...
> Hi,
> I have been trying to stably transfect the monocytic leukaemia cell line 
> U937 with a cDNA cloned into vector pCR3 (Invitrogen). However, out of 
> 30 G418-selected clones (800µg/ml) none of them expressed the cloned 
> cDNA so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how I can get 
> expression of the cDNA in this cell line.

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